I’m Jennifer.  I am a wife to an amazing husband and mother to two boys and Journey of Inches is about traveling a road to wellness.  Real Food.  Reducing or eliminating processed food.  Cleaner eating. Juicing. Essential oils. Stress management. Work-Life balance - and more.  I am excited to be able to share our ideas and experiences with you.


My Story

We are all on a journey. 

My journey began when I was looking for any sort of temporary relief for a chronic health issue that had worsened. I was simply trying to reduce pain and buy myself a little time until I could get an appointment with my doctor. I didn’t know anything; all I knew was that I did not want to take one more prescription for one more thing if there was any other way. I turned to the internet ant researched for any natural, alternative, or complimentary therapies that I could find that might be helpful. I changed my diet. I incorporated juicing - and my entire physical health began to change and improve in just a few weeks. Instead of being confined to the bed or sofa for a few days after any exertion, I would wake the next morning only tired. For a girl who used to have to use a wheelchair to shop and had a handicapped seat installed in her shower this was huge. Nothing had changed - except my diet! That was the moment I realized that even small changes can have BIG impact!


Journey of Inches

We are all on a journey, and journeys are taken one step at a time, one inch at a time. This understanding really resonates deeply with me, and this is how Journey of Inches was born. 

Never discount the importance of that next inch.

We encourage, correct, and support each other inch by inch.

We succeed inch by inch.

When broken, we rebuild and recover inch by inch.

Football games are won inch by inch. Races are won inch by inch. 

Homes are built an inch at a time.

We fail inch by inch. We succeed inch by inch.

Teams don't come together at first practice. They bond one cause, one game, one inch at a time. We fight as a team. We die as individuals, inch by inch. We stand together, inches apart and live. We stand apart, and its over. 

We fight for the inches. And when we add them up - we are victorious. 

Often, we cant see beyond the few inches in front of us. Our lives, our health, our entire worlds can seem so far ahead of us that we can’s SEE them. Don't worry about it. Focus on that next INCH.

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